Owners of an exclusive beach club in Versilia, in the privileged coastal strip of Tuscany, Italy, the Barberi family has been dedicated for generations to tourism. Driven always by the concern to explore the most beautiful and exclusive places in the world, in 1995 it reaches the Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela.

In Los Roques, the Barberi family finds what many define as "the last earthly paradise" and for years they visit it, until in 1999 they decide to make use of their vast experience to remodel a magnificent house on the beach and transform it into POSADA CARACOL , and thus create a highly refined environment, nuanced with the typical freshness of the Caribbean Sea.

The management of this new activity is completely assumed by the youngest son, Fabio , who moves to the Archipelago to guarantee his guests a quality service at all times. In 2005, they began to manage and carry out the remodeling of CASA CARACOL, one of the most beautiful inns on the Island of Margarita.

A short time later, with the intention of completing the offer of services and driven by their eternal entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to venture into a new experience, they decided to buy and restructure one of the most spacious inns in Los Roques and obtain VILLA CARACOL with excellent results. , as in his previous experiences.

At the same time, the CARACOL GROUP was born, with the idea of ​​offering a high standard of quality, elegance and service in the existing structures and in those that will come.