Useful information to travel to Los Roques

Prior to departure, you must know that...

Documents and visas:
no visa is required for the citizens of the European Union, the United States and Canada, only a valid passport with expiry not less than 6 months from the arrival date in Venezuela. A visa must be filled out which is submitted during the flight, prior to landing in Venezuela, which must be returned upon departure.


British Embassy
Av. Principal de La Castellana, Torre La Castellana, Piso 11, La Castellana, Caracas
Phone: +58 212 2671275

Embassy of the United States
Colinas de Valle Arriba, Calle F con Calle Suapure, Caracas
Phone: +58 212 8756411/7811

they are not needed.

Time difference:
compared to Greenwich, it is 4 hours less. Compared to Italy, it is 5 hours less and 6 hours less with the Daylight Saving Time.

sunny, dry, ventilated 365 days a year, mitigated by the Trade winds with almost no precipitations except for the months of November and December, when it may rain for a short period of time. Due to the particular geographic position of the Archipelago of Los Roques, no tropical storms and hurricanes occur. Average air temperature 28°C, water temperature 26°C.

the official language is Spanish, while English and Italian are fairly diffused.

the national currency is the Bolivar (VEB) but US Dollars (USD) are accepted almost everywhere.

for flights towards the Island of Gran Roque, you must pay abut 27.00 Bolivares in taxes from Porlamar. To enter the National Park of the Archipelago of Los Roques, you must pay 33.60 Bolivares per adult of foreign nationality. For people over 65 years of age, the entrance is free. This tax must be paid in Bolivares, using cash.

they are not compulsory but the custom is to give 10% tip.

for your extras, the posada accepts: cash in Bolivares (VEB), in US Dollars (USD) and in Euro (€), VISA and Master Card.

Electric Power:
the voltage is 110 Volts, with American plugs (flat reeds). For European clients, an adaptor is needed.

Fixed telephone:
the posada is equipped with phones authorized for outgoing and incoming international calls. The village has various public phones.

Cellular phones:
analogue systems AMPS and digital systems CDMA by Movistar, Movilnet, and GSM by Movistar and Digitel. Prior to departure, foreign guests must consult their phone operators to check if the latter have rooming agreements with the relative Venezuelan operators using the same technology and system.

we suggest you to bring a soft-cover luggage of reduced weight, since the tax on weight for Caracas-Los Roques flights is 10 Kg per person. We also inform you that the Airport Simon Bolivar in Caracas does not have a deposit facility for luggages.

summer, light and informal clothing. It is suggested to bring sun glasses, a hat, a K-way raincoat for excursions on the boat and slippers or beach sandals.

On the island of Gran Roque, there is clinic and a small pharmacy, but do not forget to bring drugs for personal use.

Sun lotions:
high protection creams are strongly suggested (min. 15 SPF), better if for total protection, chap sticks and after sun lotions. They can also be purchased locally.

we suggest you to bring films which are slightly sensitive to light (100 ASA). An underwater camera could be amusing and useful, even if disposable. They can be purchased locally but the prices are higher.

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